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This brief video shares how we help clients successfully deploy, optimize and upgrade the Manhattan solution suite.

This FOCUS 2016 presentation shares Rent-A-Center's road to success including implementation details and the approach they took to successfully deploy JDA Warehouse Management across 25 sites in...
So many scenarios, so little time! Sound familiar? The demand for flexible and rapid deployment of supply chain solutions has become a key factor in delivering successful supply chain transformation...
JDA Resource
A summary of results and challenges, presented at MODEX 2016 by Mark Kidwell, OHL; Steve Simmerman, JDA; and Brian Ehlenberg, 4SIGHT

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Supply Chain Workforce Incentives
Manhattan Resource
Presented by Brian Ehlenberg, Director of Labor Optimization at 4SIGHT Supply Chain Group, at the Manhattan Momentum 2015 conference.
JDA Focus 2015 LMS
JDA FOCUS 2015 Session Presented by Brian Ehlenberg, Director of Labor Optimization at 4SIGHT and Steve Simmerman, Senior Director of Sales at JDA
Manhattan Momentum 2013
Manhattan Resource
Presented by John Blanchard, Vice President, Transportation at 4SIGHT Supply Chain Group at the Manhattan Momentum 2013 conference.
Highjump Elevate 2016
HighJump Resource
Presented by Jon Gustafson of 4Sight Supply Chain Group at the HighJump Elevate 2016 conference.
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