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Every day, transportation managers are working to strike the right balance between controlling costs, keeping a

SaaS TMS solutions have reached the point of sustainable viability in recent years.

As your customers place smaller, more frequent orders, your small parcel volume is going up.

Freight costs appear to be on a never-ending upward trend.

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Software Evaluation Selection

Technology is a friend to the supply chain industry. Choosing specific brands of software can augment your entire logistics process. 4Sight helps clients select and implement software solutions that can drive their business to the next level of success. Please review our software evaluation process below:

Step 1: This is the requirements development step. Our team looks at the technological capabilities of your system in order to make further decisions.

Step 2: The RFP step includes a bid regarding software solution providers. Our project team assesses each proposed solution to find the right software for your company.

Step 3: Our team uses a software evaluation scorecard to make side-by-side comparisons of proposed solutions. In addition, this step gives our team the ability to truly search for a solution tailored to your system.

Step 4: This is a more detailed step than 3. Now, vendors supply scripted demonstrations to explain the advantages of their solutions. In addition, our team questions them regarding any gaps in their proposed solutions and any foreseeable issues involving implementation into your system.

Step 5: Once vendors display their proposed solutions, it is suggested to conduct reference checks. Reference checks ensure that proposed vendors have stayed true to former commitments and have successfully helped others with their supply chain efforts.

Step 6: Site visits provide our clients with the opportunity to see proposed solutions working in a live environment that closely resembles their operations. This provides a chance for clients to ask specific questions regarding implementation and execution.

Step 7: We help you finalize the software evaluation process regarding negotiations and making the final software vendor selection.

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