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What exactly is Warehouse Execution Software (WES)? And why do you need it?

Warehouse Execution Software can pull together all of the operations inside the four walls of your distribution center to create a synchronized, automated system. A new model of how retailers interact with their customers is here, and its name is Omni-Channel Distribution.

In collaborating with our WES Software partner Reddwerks, we’ve learned you’ll need a cohesive distribution strategy that allows you to engage customers, whenever and however they want. That means staying agile and adapting to new order profiles and channels. It means aligning your complete order fulfillment systems from MHE to Labor. All this is made possible by Warehouse Execution Software.

WES is not an extended WMS, its not a new breed of WCS, it’s a complete solution for aligning and automating the entire order fulfillment process inside the four walls of your distribution center. A modular, scalable, and flexible platform that integrates seamlessly with your existing systems, including your WMS.

Each facility has different constraints, and each distributor has unique goals. A one-size fits all approach simply doesn’t work. WES can be calibrated to fit your unique needs. Reddwerks has developed a scientific methodology of evaluation. It starts with a complete analysis of your distribution center’s operations. They use that analysis to build advanced decision engines. These engines crunch data generated in real time to rapidly produce and automate choices for your Labor and MHE. This means your warehouse is automatically making the best decisions in real-time, each and every time. Once implemented these engines provide you with the flexibility, transparency and operational agility that turns your warehouse into a single interconnected system.

What does this mean to you? It means you can now handle all your omni-channel demands, adapting to multiple and changing order profiles, reducing labor costs, improving MHE utilization, increasing throughput, improving department to department synchronization, and extending infrastructure life. It means giving you flexibility to adapt to the next big thing ensuring you stay competitive for years to come.

4SIGHT engineers work alongside you, and our partner Reddwerks, to analyze your distribution operations and build these advanced decision engines to successfully engineer the integration of your systems with the WES. We will configure and calibrate the solution to fit your needs.

Learn more about how 4SIGHT engineers and our partner can help you understand the benefits of Warehouse Execution Systems.
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