Operations Analysis and Optimization

4SIGHT assists shippers with analyzing their transportation operation by conducting a three to four-week assessment of their ‘end to end’ processes, which typically includes the following:

  1. Order Management – understand what is unique to orders from a transportation planning and execution standpoint
    • Product uniqueness – weight, cube, pallets, pieces, density
    • Order lead-times
    • Order changes
    • Calculation of order plan dates – shipment and delivery dates
  2. Transportation Planning – determine how orders are built into optimal loads, scheduled, and routed
    • Mode/service level determination – based on routing guides, capacity commitments
    • Order/load optimization – logic for combining orders into loads based on defined criteria
    • Application of an audit quality rate – contract rates vs. spot rates
    • Tender process
  3. Transportation Execution (includes 204/990/214 EDI processes)
    • Carrier tender and acceptance process
    • Rate review and modification process
    • Appointment Scheduling
    • Exception Management
    • Capturing Arrival/Departure
  4. Freight Payment (includes 210 EDI process)
    • Manual or match pay process
    • Discrepancy management
    • Freight accrual
    • Freight allocation methods
  5. Business Intelligence
    • Operational reports
    • Performance metrics – operational, performance, financial
    • Process improvement areas

Beyond the review of the typical daily operational processes, other areas of potential focus could be: Transportation Procurement/Bid Events, Network Optimization Modeling, and Load Optimization Modeling.

Once an assessment is complete, and opportunities are identified, a Transportation Business Case is created as a next step. This aids in justifying either system or process related changes/upgrades.

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