Material Handling Engineering

Warehousing - Material Handling EngineeringEvery distribution center has equipment handling needs that are driven by product mix characteristics, velocity, throughput and quality control standards for inventory. Its important to understand the ideal storage media and material handling equipment required to manage your inventory. As a value-add service to both 4SIGHT’s Facility Layout & Design service and Distribution Operations Assessment, 4SIGHT offers material handling engineering services to provide detailed equipment specifications for all engineering recommendations.

Whatever recommendations we propose, 4SIGHT offers detailed engineering services for those recommendations that may include Autocad documents, detailed equipment specifications, and all the specifics needed to obtain accurate prices quotes from vendors saving you both time and money.

4SIGHT will identify the optimal material handling deployment that’s right for you. Our material handling engineering services have proposed many different material handling options for our clients, some of which include:

  • Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (AS/RS) – multi-shuttle, unit-load, mini-load, etc.
  • Sortation Systems (tilt-tray, sliding shoe, belt sorters, tight-turn, flexible, pouch, etc.)
  • Pick-to-Light and Put-to-Light Systems
  • Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV’s)
  • Carousel Systems
  • Direct to Consumer Applications (Goods to Person, Put-Wall, Mini-Load, Rapid-Pick, etc.)
  • Conveyor Systems (case, tote, pallet, accumulation, etc.)
  • In-line barcode readers, In-line print & apply, In-line barcode printing applications
  • Garment/Hanger sortation systems
  • Palletizing Robots, Layer Picking Robots, Depalletizers
  • Divert Systems
  • Pick Carts
  • Piece Picking (Goods to Person, Rapid-Pick, etc.)
  • Fork Lift Equipment (counterbalance/internal combustion, narrow aisle, reach, order pickers, walkie stackers, pallet stackers, towers, container handlers, 3-wheel, clamper, etc.)
  • Packaging Systems
  • Ergonomic Stations
  • Safety Solutions (dock plates, column protectors, lighting, bumpers, guard rails, lifts, wire enclosures, carts, containers, etc.)
  • Mezzanine Solutions
  • Storage Media Solutions (selective pallet rack, double deep, narrow aisle, push back rack, drive-in rack, drive-through rack, pallet flow, gravity flow, in-line rail, floor stack, cantilever, case flow, wire deck, structural steel, rolled form, etc.
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