Your people are the most important assets in your supply chain operation. They are also the assets that change most often and require the greatest amount of nurturing and development in order to deliver the expected results. Effective workforce optimization depends on the right blend of training, performance standards, technology and motivation.

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Supply chain managers face many questions regarding workforce optimization:

  • Which Labor Management System is the best fit?
  • Which method for developing Engineered Labor Standards makes the most sense for you: Time-Study or Pre-Determined Time Standards?
  • Should you use team-based or individual-based incentive compensation; or a combination of the two?
  • How do you build an effective Change Management plan that ensures successful user adoption of new standards, systems and processes?

Supply Chain Workforce Optimization

4SIGHT’s workforce optimization experts can help you answer these questions and determine the best strategies and tactics for coaching, retaining and rewarding your workforce. Click on our Workforce Practice service offerings below to learn more about how we can help: