Change Management

Whether implementing a new piece of software, upgrading your current solution or adding new functionality, managing the change is often over looked or minimized.

No change is too small and failure to effectively manage the change can have dramatic and undesired effects on your entire organization.

Simply installing a new solution over the weekend and starting the next week can have disastrous results; not because the software solution failed but because the end user refused to use the new solution. Let 4SIGHT’s seasoned professionals help you avoid these pitfalls and guide you through the change process while minimizing the risk to your organization.

What are the keys to an effective change management plan:

  • Realize resistance to change is both natural and should be expected
  • Strategic communication is critical, the purpose for making the change should be consistent from the C level to the hourly associate on the floor. (Mixed messages result in confusion and potentially can derail the implemented change)
  • Involve the right people early (Make the change a priority)
  • Define clear milestones and goals. It is also important that the goals are achievable; often un-realistic goals or time lines can result in greater resistance and ultimately delay the desired change and results
  • Reward and re-enforce achieving the desires goals
  • Evaluate the change and make adjustments to the plan accordingly
  • Identify lessons learned and apply those lessons to future implementations (Avoid the lessons identified trap, which is often the result of too aggressive timelines)