Coaching and providing performance feedback

Do your supervisors have the skills they can use to get the best performance from your associates? Are your industrial athletes being used to their greatest potential?

Just like many of the sports teams we grew up with, your facility should build on the proven team model. Your supervisors are the position coach and your operations manager is the head coach, but the team is the associates that accomplish the task. With the right LMS and ELS you can effectively compare supervisor to supervisor because his performance is the cumulative performance of all the associates assigned to him.

workforce optimization - coaching feedback

This proven method has been used by many Fortune 500 companies to transition from a piece rate to high performing performance culture.

4SIGHT professionals can help train your supervisors to build a win-win situation. We focus on emphasizing positive behavior before corrective actions. The real benefit from a labor solution is when management and associates work together to drive sustainable productivity performance gains.
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