Engineered Labor Standards

There are four basic ways to measure work:

  1. Estimate or Guess
  2. Historical Data
  3. Time Study
  4. Predetermined Time Method

At 4SIGHT the last two are used to develop your standards.

What is a standard?

Webster defines ‘Standard’ as:
“That which is established by a competent 
 authority as a rule or measure of quantity”

At 4SIGHT, we add this to the definition of a ‘Standard’:
“The level achievable by the average trained worker, working at a reasonable pace during the course of a day.”

workforce engineered labor standards

The Standard Development Process is:

Build a 3D Warehouse Map + Time Equipment + Develop and Define Preferred Methods/Best Practice + Collect Specific Data + Prepare Pre-Determined Time Element Flow Charts + Determine PF&D Allowances
= Standard

The 4SIGHT Engineers are trained in Time Study, MOST and MSD. Depending on your situation they will apply the most appropriate solution that is both time and cost effective while also being maintainable.

We also are available as an external resource to audit your existing standards and evaluate your existing flow charts for possible adjustment if your current standards are out of tolerance.