Warehouse Operations Assessment

Achieving a Lean Distribution System to Meet Today’s Demands

The modern DC is under tremendous pressure to perform profitably while meeting increasing demands from customers and consumers. Additionally, a tightening labor market relentlessly drives up hourly wages for a highly competitive labor pool. The MHI Annual Industry survey found that nearly two-thirds of supply chain executives listed hiring and retaining qualified workers as their greatest challenge. With 4SIGHT’s experienced professionals on your side, you can tackle these challenges and turn your distribution operations into a key profit driver.

The 4SIGHT Warehouse Operations Assessment and Optimization is a holistic and rigorous review of your company’s operations with a focus on increasing the role and profitability of your distribution center(s). 4SIGHT’s goal is to enable our clients to build self-sustaining competitive distribution chains using best practices as well as best-of-breed technology to sharpen their competitive edge and achieve profits far beyond the initial analysis.

Our proven methodology results in detailed analysis and recommendations for achieving your distribution goals:

  • Take advantage of digital supply chain technology
  • Maximize space utilization
  • Enhance storage and picking strategies
  • Increase labor productivity
  • Optimize systems and technology
  • Upgrade material handling and storage
  • Improve processes
  • Fine-tune key performance metrics
  • Plan for growth
  • Develop self-sustaining Lean operations

Other Warehouse Services

Warehouse Automation
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The revolution in warehouse automation is impacting warehouses of all sizes and capacities, especially the small-mid facilities. New technology is boosting pick rates by 80 percent over traditional picking methods. This allows you to deliver product faster and more accurately to today’s demanding market.

4SIGHT’s experience with the latest pick technology, traditional material handling equipment, Lean warehouse operations, Warehouse Management Systems, and Agile supply chain techniques gives you the edge you need to maximize your distribution capabilities and ROI.

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Warehouse Layout & Design
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4SIGHT offers engineering services to assist you with designing a new distribution center from the ground up, expanding an existing facility, or undertaking a complete site redesign. We offer a full complement of supply chain strategy services that span distribution center operations, material handling equipment layout, engineering, best practices, facility layout assessment, and financial analysis and justification.

The ability to determine the right strategy for an optimal warehouse layout requires a sophisticated understanding of the engineering and best practices needed to deploy world-class distribution operations. 4SIGHT develops customized and detailed designs to ensure your operational requirements are met and that design options meet supporting capital investment requirements.

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Warehouse Management Systems
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4SIGHT has built its solid reputation on the excellence of its WMS offerings. With our deep expertise and strong partnerships with Tier 1 WMS providers, we can lead you to develop, implement, and support the right WMS solution based on your unique business and customer requirements. For years we have worked with top companies to deploy their projects successfully, and we strive to be a great asset for your team as you take steps to maximize the ROI on your WMS investment.

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